2 months ago

How To Travel Light

We are here to pack light with you with a few simple tricks to making sure you are always looking good on your travels. Flat packing or rolling that is the question? Some say roll your outfits as they crease less and you can see everything in your suit case, others say flat pack as you can squeeze more in.

Pack in squares - This is where playing years of Tetris pay off. compartmentalise your suitcase into the amount of days you are traveling. Squares also allow you to pack crease free meaning you are ready to outfit change at the drop of a hat into that evening dress you bought weeks ago.

Jeans - As the cowboys have proven, jeans were made to be durable, and worn multiple times. Take a look at some of our favours.

Cropped t shirts - once again this little easy to hide style option allows you to keep cool in that holiday heat. Why not take a few colours T-shirts and that is your day time covered. Cropped is a forthcoming trend so make sure you are one of the first to show you are on trend.

Shoes are the suitcase killer! Flats are the solution and accompanied by a pair of flip flops you are now ready for the beach and any evening out to accompany a nice flowing outfit. Trainers are also a must, as you will be covering distances exploring your chosen destination. There styles that allow you to go anywhere on your travels without taking up too much of you required space. We recommend wearing your heaviest pair of shoes that way the extra kilos are on you and not in your suitcase. 

Pack your heavy items at the bottom of the bag in relation to the wheels as this will ensure a safe and stable journey through any long distance terminals.

Swimsuit - The holy grail of your holiday desires takes up so little space why not pack a few bikini's and one pieces. 

Cosmetics - Be prepared and know the correct amount of liquids you are allowed to travel with on your assigned flight routes. If you are travelling with hand luggage its 100ml sizes only.  Buying your essentials in the right size will save you spending money abroad or even that little extra to take another dress.

Plastic bags - You never know if you might take that last minute swim so be prepared to make sure you don’t soak everything else on the way back. 

If you are only away for a short break remember if you can travel with hand luggage you will exit the airport much quicker and gain longer in your destination instead of waiting by the carousel for your suitcase.  

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