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3 months ago

Wake up on the right Side of the bed

Victoria Beckham swears by a daily dose of a apple and cider vinegar to start the day. This folk remedy has been used for centuries, claimed to help a variety of health problems. Vinegar was used centuries ago as a wound cleanser as it is proven to kill off various strains of bacteria of course we wouldn’t recommend doing this. Thankfully medical advancements means that we no longer have to do this but incase you are ever get lost out in the outback and are savagely attacked by a kangaroo and have nothing but a bottle of vinegar on you.. you know what to do.

Back to the health benefits. It has been proven apple cider vinegar encourages weight loss and leads to a lower blood pressure which has a direct correlation with reducing the symptoms of diabetes. It has also been proven to improve skin radiance but no one wants to smell like fish and chips throughout the day so save this tip for the evening so not to scare anyone away.

Hot Water and a slice of lemon instantly hydrates and replaces and deficiencies in vitamin C. It again is also proven to encourage weight loss. Although this citrus fruit is acidic in taste in forms into an alkaline state in the body and this has been proven to prevent serious health implications by maintaining a alkaline diet. Lemons are also proven to dramatically improve your respiratory system. 

The bottom line is keeping hydrated throughout the day with water is essential. Up to 60% of the human body is water, so it is the fundamental compound we are made from. The more water you have in your system the more your skin will naturally glow and shine so it has just as many cosmetic benefits as well as health. Try and consume at least 3 litres of water a day and mixed in with the health hacks above you will start to feel new again in no time. 

Our current office elixa of choice is herbal infused tea! A nice soothing flavour with calming effects.

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