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4 months ago

Winter Wellness

It is easy to turn to the comfort and warmth of food as the season changes. Eating the wrong foods can leave you feeling tired and demotivated so make sure you are fueling your days with the right things. It might be cold outside but keeping active will make sure you feel warm on the inside. Even a brief 15 minute walk on your lunch break gives you some much needed fresh air and some sun on your skin… that is if it is out of course!

Energise before the days starts, so wake up 20 minutes earlier to allow time for a bath an some much needed ‘you’ time! Scented candles and bath salts will leave you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

Don’t let the cold ruin your skin. How you look will affect how you feel so don’t let the harsh crisp air dry out your skin. Here are some of our favourite tried and tested skin treatments that will leave you looking and feeling full of life.

Feel vitalised with the right vitamins, as you will not be getting your usual dose of vitamin D. Vitamin B will leave your mind feeling clear.

Rest is the most overlooked fix to feeling fresh. Comfort is key to a good night sleep so here are some companions to ensure the perfect night sleep.

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