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Lock up your love

The best places around the world to lock up your love. There is no better time than now to escape for a weekend and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Flowers certainly do the trick and there are many other ways to show your affection towards your loved one. But what do you do next when you’ve already  given chocolates, jewellery and more chocolates!



Create a memory that will last a lifetime. Travelling abroad is the perfect way to take your relationship to a whole new level. Get lost in your love and make sure you lock it in..

Flowers wilt, chocolates melt (or get eaten) so how can you lock in your gesture of love forever? We have chosen the 3 of the best places around the world where you can literally lock in your love. All you need is a pad lock and your FOREVER.



Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, USA

You can still find love in the hustle and fast paced nature of New York City. Everyone has seen Brooklyn bridge. We have all seen a photo of this landmark bridge so why not go there in person and lock up your love in a spot you will see again and again!

Image credit:- @geoparfitt


Mount Huashan, China

If your love leaves you feeling on top of the world then Mount Huashan symbolises exactly that. The trek up the mountain is not easy, so this is a love that really does have to be earnt. The pathway up is lined with chain fencing and has been decorated with love locks and red ribbon all the way up. Show your commitment to your relationship but putting in the extra yards and create a memory like no other.


Image credits:- @_oh_baby_i_travel_  @kialaerkem @davohatcher





Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany

Autumn and winter across Europe always has a taste of love in the air. Whether this is due to the temperatures drawing people ever closer together or because this continent comes to life with festivity and food, we still haven’t quite worked out. The Hohenzollern Bridge is renowned for its vested interest in love as the railway company that owns it attempted to remove the padlocks! However, the good people of cologne wore their hearts on their sleeve and prevented the railways company from doing so.


Image credit:- @ningnattawan



Find your own bridge to highlight how special your love truly is! Love can take you anywhere so find a special place to always showcase your affection. Remember to seal it with a kiss.

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