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4 months ago

It's Time To Conceal Those Mistakes


What shade tone do I use ? 


You will be using your concealer for blemish or covering those pesky under eye circles. Both require a different solution of tone so it is always important to have a selection in your make up bag. Blemishes require you to match your skin tone so go for a colour that matches your foundation. To get rid of those under eye patches use a warmer, peachy tone to fade out the unwanted blue/purple undertone. If it a spot that is trying to ruin your day use a green tone to counteract any redness.


Not too thick 


The thicker the more it conceals right? This is the biggest misconception when it comes to concealer so now not only will your face have a fresher look your concealer will last for so much longer. In order to cover up, blemishes or spots try using a lighter shade to your natural skin tone and apply a small amount to the affected area. This applied with a touch of green to take away any red will remove any attention. Overlaying too much concealer would simply highlight the spot.



Prep your skin the right way


Creating a flat, smooth canvas to apply your make up onto is the first point of any good application. Use moisturiser and primer to create a longer lasting, natural finish. Here are some of our favourites to set you on your way.


Poor technique 


More, more, more will only lead to a poor finish. To remove the signs of any late nights it is time to talk triangles. Not the great pyramids, nor Illuminati but drawing a triangle with your concealer under your eye to the point of your cheek will instantly lift your face and give you a brighter look. With the point of the triangle being at the base of your eye, it draws attention upwards away from those drooping bags.


Don’t be shy being nosey 


The base of your nose is a repeat offender when it comes to redness. Especially in winter temperatures, so it is important to give time to this area to create that flawless look. Due to more movement in this area of the face, makeup is prone to waring more quickly so try applying a translucent setting powder to ward off any unwanted redness all day long.

Choose your tools 


It can be quick and easy to use your fingers to apply your concealer. For under your eyes there is no better hack than using the round of your ring finger. A  flat concealer brush will result in the best blend. Here are a few of the industry favourites.


Try out this makeup tutorial with the make up magician Zoella 


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