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2 months ago

Try something new and improve your fitness


The turn of the year allows for new focus and ambition but do not be fooled by the bright lights of a new you… It takes time, dedication, persistence and repetition to achieve anything in life actually, especially a healthy, sustainable body. When it comes to fitness there is no holy grail routine, no certain way to turn you into a Victoria's Angel or Spartan overnight. The secret is to listen to your body through trying new techniques and absorbing new processes you will find specific building blocks that suit you to form your fitness journey.



Don't set goals that are unachievable. The aesthetics are a byproduct of focusing on the fundamental movements of your body, engaging your mind in the form of the exercise and not the destination you are aiming for. Removing this from your mind creates a clear path for you to grow day to day, become stronger and maintain an injury-free body. Ease into it, it is amazing how quickly your body will come up to speed, but lay the foundations properly and don’t rush into long distances and heavy weights.


It is important to continuously introduce new practices into your exercise routine. There are 2 benefits to this, firstly your muscles become used to repeated routines meaning you lose the growth and strength acceleration obtained at the start of your training regime so introduce new fictional movements to work your muscles in a different way. The second benefit is mental, not physical. By freshening up your practice you are keeping yourself engaged and motivated. It can be difficult motivate yourself to keep going so new exercises will allow a new focus that will stop the gym from becoming repetitive. Classes are a great way of achieving this. Kettlebells, boxercise, yoga or even hit training offer functional mobility over mechanical function obtained in the gym.


Personal Trainers are the leaders of your gym community. It is not just fitness knowledge they possess but being a constant presence at the gym they are the lifeblood of the feel of the gym. Training is for focusing but knowing the people around your gym creates a positive pull towards your destination. A PT will pass on not only fitness expertise but will constantly install that added motivation you require even outside of one to one session. Ease into it with a couple seasons in a month. You do not need to break the bank to maximise the added potential of a PT.


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