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Change your living room, not your lifestyle

There are only so many times you can change yourself, but when was the last time you changed your living room? From Scandinavian style, bold colour tones and eclectic prints, there are always current trends, but the importance of interior design is to tailor a sensual experience that stimulates the homeowner more than anyone else. After all, this is your sanctuary and it is important you set the right mood for you in your home.

Take Me To The Dark Side

There is no denying it, dark interiors wrap you up in sophistication and just look and feel more interesting. It may seem against the tide to go dark in a country where we are starved of natural light, but going dark could create just the effect you are looking for. White needs natural light to bounce off it to leave the room gleaming; without enough light, it can look dull and dreary so look to large your room with darker tones.

Nothing But Natural 

Take it back to the bronze age and release the sense of nature through your home. Take all the elements back to their basics and expose the natural impact of raw stone, exposed brickwork, copper lighting and wood. Natural elements offer a depth that can't be replicated and offer ample character to not have to over decorate your home; let your house show off its true tones and colours. 

Modern Minimalism

Black and white will always be a classic. Minimalistic living is not just a trend but a pragmatic, spacious and controlled form of living. Tone variations can create a range of depth beyond simply black and white and this monochrome canvas leaves the perfect platform to interject minimal accessorising that leads to maximum effect. Always stay relevant with this timeless style.

Image credit: @interior_lisa / @interior_delux  / @carlberg_home

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