2 weeks ago

What Type of Lover Are You?

Valentine's day… The day of the year where Cupid swoops down with his harp strings and pull on our heartstrings. Now open your eyes and back to reality! We’ve all had a Valentine's day horror. A ‘just been dumped’ valentines, an ‘I want to dump him’ valentines and who doesn’t remember primary school valentines where you left your love note on your crushes desk. What type of lover are you

True Romantic


You’ve been thinking about this day for ages. The alarm is set early and you will start your mans day with breakfast in bed (how do you like your eggs in the morning). The morning is your time to shine before over to him for the big day ahead. A bouquet of flowers will bring a smile to your face and time with your loved one is all you really need.

Horny Devil

Time to batten down the hatches because you won’t be seeing sunlight today! All you have is mischief on your mind and you are hungry to show your man how much you love him and see how much he loves you. We will leave the detail up to you on this one but here are some toys that might tickle your fancy.


There is no point getting out of bed. Today is the day it’s ok, not to be ok! You’ve been putting on a brave face for weeks and telling your friends for ‘I’ll be fine’ or ‘I love no being tied down’, but the day is now actually here and it just doesn’t make any sense why no one wants you. Be strong today team single, there is always next year.

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