3 months ago

Do You Have More Money Than Scents?

Image credit The White Company 

Does more expensive mean better fragrance when buying candles? Well Britons spend over 95 million a year on scented candles so the light hasn’t actually gone out on this burning business.

Manufacturers using better ingredients do make for a better and more scented candle as you don’t want to be burning a bit of a old smokey joe candle filling the room with carbon smells rather than scent.

Remember the Gin trick not actually putting any in the glass but rubbing it round the rim and filling the glass with tonic so as you took your first sip the aroma of Gin hit your senses emulating the whole glass being filled. Manufacturers of cheaper candles have been known to do a similar trick by adding fragrance to the top layer of the candle and the wick so as you do the sniff test in store before you buy you could be totally fooled.

So, our team have done a bit a sniff and burn test for you and picked a selection of smelly candles that will hit your senses and that you can burn to your hearts content.

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