3 months ago

London Cocktail Week

As if we needed an excuse to immerse ourselves into the world of mixology and ‘hoochy’ flavours, London Cocktail week saw the leading brands from within the beverage sector come together to showcase their unique profiles, techniques and latest concepts!

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We teamed up with Tails Cocktails and headed over to Old Spitalfields market for the DrinkUp London pop up event… It all got a little hazy after that!!!

Most of us have our set favourite drink…. Mine is a Whiskey Sour, but then you spend an evening with the makers and you realise the endless possibilities of cocktail mixing. The pioneers within this industry are always challenging our senses not just through taste but smell, colours and even in the performance of making the cocktail itself!

You would have been excused for thinking you had walked into a science laboratory with the amount of potions being concocted and thanks to the Peroni stand there were plenty of white coats walking around…. And bottoms!

The good news is there are plenty of choices for us ahead of the winter months as sometimes a blanket isn’t enough to keep us warm. If you are planning on hosting any cocktails parties here are a few ideas that will be sure to lift your evening into an experience your guests won’t stop talking about!

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